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Arty activities are great for families and older guests alike.

Children enjoy jumping up and down to grab another colour felt-tip pen and get all creative; and older guests enjoy a relaxed activity which allows them to use their creative skills, whilst chatting with friends and enjoying a drink.

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Bookmark making is a perfect activity for any age; we all read books... and no one like losing their page!

An activity like this also allows your guests to engage at their own level, rather then having to come with a particular set of skills.

When I run a bookmark making workshop, I decorate the room with lots of different examples as many guests like to copy a design that they really like. It's also great fun for me to be able to join in and get creative too!

Others have their own ideas and like to use the examples for picking up new styles and techniques.

I also think decorating the room creates a great crafty atmosphere, especially if the room is not a permanent art studio.

Good Equipment To Have For Bookmark Making:

Get Inspired:


Happy crafting! If you (or your guests) make any bookmarks do get in touch - I'd love to see them and even feature them in the Bookmark Inspiration Gallery!

More activities on the way - new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

The VE 🙂

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