Arts & Crafts: Paper Beading

This is such a cheap and simple arts and crafts activity to add to your entertainment schedule.

You can use anything, from wrapping paper to used cereal boxes; magazines to postcards.

Depending on how you run the activity - as a demonstration-based workshop or as a make-a-whole-bracelet - will determine how long it will take.

Get inspired at
Get inspired at

I would suggest scheduling somewhere between 30 mins (for just sharing the skills to make the beads) to 90 mins (to share the skills and then give your guests a chance to make something to keep and treasure).

The basis of paper beading is that you roll a pre-cut piece of paper and glue it in position; making sure that a hole is left in the centre of your roll for beading wire, elastic or cotton to pass through.

There are various different shapes of bead you can create simply by rolling strips of paper or card.

The diagram below (from shows five different bead designs that can be created using your strips of paper.

Making Paper Beads (Source:
Making Paper Beads (Source:

If you have varnish or PVA glue available you can add a glossy finish to your beads by adding a light coating and allowing to dry (you'd need to split your workshop across two sessions in this case to allow for drying time).

Click here to check out a brilliant PDF guide from Big Bead Little Bead for even more information!

Enjoy crafting and remember to check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for even more activity ideas and materials!

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