Crossword Challenge – 14 Feb 2016

So much about vacation entertainment is un-hosted, so make sure you're leaving out plenty of fun, do-it-yourself, activities for your guests to enjoy when they want.

Great DIY entertainment activities include: word-searches, sudoku puzzles, jigsaws and, of course, crosswords.

Not only do these activities give your guests something to enjoy in a quiet moment, they are also something that your guests may take home to share with their family and friends.

Crossword Challenge from The Vacation Entertainer - 14 Feb 2016
Download today's Crossword Challenge for FREE by clicking the PDF link below. Scroll down for the solution.

These activities are printed reminders of their vacation entertainment - so you'll want them to be high quality, professional and fun.

You want a complete set of printed puzzles with your resort's branding? Get in touch!

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Today's 9x9 crossword puzzle is moderately challenging - some clues are very simple, others may take a little time.

Essentially, everybody who picks up this crossword puzzle should be able to complete it - and that's the aim!

Remember, serious crossword fanatics bring their own crosswords. They've got books of the most absurdly challenging crossword puzzles, so your crossword puzzles don't need to tick that box - aim for light entertainment and you can engage more of your guests.

Download as a PDF file: Crossword Challenge from The Vacation Entertainer - 14 Feb 2016


The Answers:


1 - teatime

2 - apple

4 - uber

5 - limber

7 - arena

10 - amp

11 - lie

14 - loo

15 - eat


1 - tranquil

3 - apparel

6 - rile

8 - employee

9 - ma

12 - bear

13 - eel

16 - rag


The VE 🙂

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