Crossword Challenge – 21 Feb 2016

Here's a brand-new 9x9 crossword puzzle for you.

Printed activities like crosswords (and sudokus, wordsearches etc.) are a take-home reminder of the fun your guests have had on their vacation with you.

Lots of guests like to collect these activities to share with their families and friends at dinner parties and special occasions, like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Strong printed activities can act as a reminder for people to book that next vacation with you once they've already been home for a couple of months.

To download your Crossword Challenge FREE, scroll down and click the PDF link. Answers are at the bottom of this page.

You want a complete set of printed puzzles with your resort's branding? Get in touch!

This 9x9 crossword puzzle will probably take you between 10-25 minutes - most of the clues are fairly straight forward with a few trickier ones thrown in for good measure.

Remember, serious crossword fanatics bring their own crosswords. They've got books of the most absurdly challenging crossword puzzles, so your crossword puzzles don't need to tick that box - aim for light entertainment and you can engage more of your guests.

Download as a PDF file: Crossword Challenge from The Vacation Entertainer - 21 Feb 2016

The Answers:


1 - appetite

3 - orthodoxy

5 - yum

6 - sly

7 - seismic

9 - liked

11 - tea

12 - ivy

14 - ail

17 - even

18 - na


1 - anonymous

2 - trolley

4 - times

8 - toolkit

10 - year

13 - aye

15 - hi

16 - pi


The VE 🙂

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