Family Board Games

Family board games are an absolute must! Whether you run a small hotel, work in a large resort, or are preparing to host family and friends for a big weekend (...or Christmas...!), a good selection of board games can add a spark of competition and create a fun, lively atmosphere.

Check out these popular, and some lesser-known, family board games to add to your collection!

Go Traditional...

The best-selling board game of all time is Chess. There's little surprise here as you can buy Chess sets all over the world, with all sorts of themes. I bought a friend a semi-precious gem-stone chess set from Mexico a couple of years ago, where the White Pieces were a crystalised milky white and the Black Pieces were gleaming, marbled black with swirls of charcoal grey. In Hamleys - the famous London Toy Shop - I've seen magnificent Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings Chess sets, aplomb with carved wooden figurines, recognisable from the film franchises. Ten minutes walk from Hamleys, on Baker Street (where Sherlock Holmes lived) there is a Board Games Shop with two tables set up outside ready for passersby to take a pause in their day for a game of Chess!

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If you don't have a Chess set, I recommend you get one and learn to play the King of Board Games right away!

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Stick With Simple...

If the many rules of playing Chess are a bit much for your liking, then I can recommend Checkers and Othello. These board games have just two types of counter - white or black. Every counter has the same 'powers' and plays by the same rules, so there's no need to remember which piece can move diagonally, or backwards, or only in straight lines... There's another brilliant game which I would add to this category of a 'simple classic' board game: MasterMind. In this game, two players take it in turns to try and crack the other's code. The code is a series of 4 coloured counters, and the code-breaker has to try and crack the code in as few attempts as possible. These simple classics are fantastic board games for children because they are easy to learn and addictive to play. The great news is adults enjoy them too and don't have to 'play easy', meaning everyone playing gets a good game and a lot of fun.

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Take Your Time...

If you're looking for a family board game to take up the rest of your day (or potentially week), then you're looking at the league of Monopoly and Settlers of Catan. These long-play board games can last for hours, and depending on your level of commitment to the game can be enthralling and captivating to the bitter end, or gently fizzle out when someone suggests a piece of cake, or some terrible show appears on the TV. The great thing about these extended, strategy board games is that you can find them themed to all different stories, so you can find a game which is meaningful to you on many levels. Monopoly are perhaps the game that have managed this best - you could say they've monopolised on the opportunity! You can buy different Monopoly boards for almost every major city, as well as sports teams, films, popular books and even Make-Your-Own versions - my old manager collects versions of Monopoly, and he'll be collecting for a long time because they keep bringing out more and more new themed ideas!

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