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There's no need for you to lose your free time in the sun wracking your brain for good quiz questions! Check back every Wednesday for a brand new 15 question General Knowledge Quiz for you and your guests. You could use this quiz as a hosted event, or print it out with the answers removed for guests to tackle in their own time.

  1. What brand of car does James Bond drive in Spectre? (1 point) Aston Martin (DB10).
  2. How many continents end with the letter A? (1 point) Six (Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, North America, South America) - only Europe ends with a different letter.
  3. A spoonful of what helps the what go down? (2 points) Sugar, Medicine
  4. What are Pitman and Teeline examples of? (1 point) Shorthand
  5. What is sound measured in? (1 point) Decibels (dB)
  6. ATM machines are a common feature of every high street, but what does ATM stand for? (1 point) Automated Teller Machine
  7. 7-for-7 - Name 7 computer manufacturers. (up to 7 points) Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Acer, Sony, Fujitsu etc.
  8. 'Follow the yellow brick road' is advice given to Dorothy by which citizens of the Land of Oz? (1 point) The Munchkins
  9. Who ruled England immediately after Charles I? (1 point) Oliver Cromwell
  10. How many seasons are there each year in the Philippines? (1 point) Two - Wet Season (June to November) and Dry Season (December to May)
  11. Which famous artist is famous for his cut outs? (1 point) Henri Matisse
  12. What is the name of the youngest member of the Simpson family? (1 point) Maggie Simpson
  13. Which country won the 2015 Rugby World Cup? (1 point) New Zealand
  14. Who wrote the novel 'Down and Out in Paris and London'? (1 point) George Orwell
  15. Which fictional elephant is famed for his ability to fly using his ears? (1 point) Dumbo

Total number of points up for grabs = 22

Difficulty level = Moderate (average scores should be fairly high)

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