Quiz: Fun General Knowledge 3

This week's General Knowledge Quiz has a bit of a topical twist for you - all of the questions are inspired by what's trending online today.

As always, the questions are aiming for that middling difficulty level - most teams will hopefully get into double digits, and the winning team might only miss one or two points.

You could use this quiz as a hosted event, or print it out with the answers printed on the back of the page for guests to tackle in their own time.

  1. Which character in The Big Bang Theory is played by Kaley Cuoco? (1 point) Penny
  2. Which football teams does Lionel Messi currently play for? (2 points) Barcelona (club team) & Argentina (national team)
  3. A new London Underground line - currently known by its project name, Crossrail - will open in 2018 under what name? (1 point) The Elizabeth Line (named after Queen Elizabeth II)
  4. Smalt is a shade of what colour? (1 point) Blue
  5. What 'melts in your mouth, not in your hands'? (1 point) M&Ms
  6. What is the capital city of Iraq? (1 point) Baghdad
  7. 7-for-7: Name seven signs of the Zodiac. (up to 7 points) Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
  8. Which living artist sold the most expensive piece of art ever, and what was the piece of art? (2 points) Damien Hirst, Diamond-encrusted Skull
  9. Who composed the music for Billy Elliot - the Musical? (1 point) Elton John
  10. Which planet in our Solar System spins the fasted?? (1 point) Jupiter (rotates once every 10 hours)
  11. In Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, what does the Caterpillar hold? (1 point) A Hookah (Shisha) Pipe
  12. Besides Harry himself, who is the first witch or wizard we meet in the Harry Potter series? (1 point) Minerva McGonagall
  13. What is the next number in this sequence: 10, 8, 16, 14, 28? (1 point) 26 (the pattern is subtract 2, multiply by 2, subtract 2, multiply by 2...)
  14. Who wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray(1 point) Oscar Wilde
  15. In what year did Albert Einstein die? (1 point) 1955 (April 18th, in Princeton, NJ)

Total number of points up for grabs = 23

Difficulty level = Moderate (average scores should be fairly high)

I'll upload another new General Knowledge quiz next Wednesday - check back on Friday for Who In The World Am I- Part Two!

The VE 🙂

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