Quiz: Fun General Knowledge 5

Do you get bored hosting the same old quizzes over and over again, but don't have time to research new questions?

Well, pop back here every Wednesday for a brand new 15 question general knowledge quiz, written with Vacation Guests in mind - fun, moderately easy and (more importantly than all) fact-checked!

I upload new quizzes and activities every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  1. Who style of music is George Strait known for? (1 point) Country
  2. Complete the name of this TV show: Beverly Hills 90 (nine-oh)? (1 point) 210 (two-one-oh)
  3. Hamlet's mother, Gertrude, is the Queen of which country? (1 point) Denmark
  4. In what unit is sound volume measured? (1 point) Decibels
  5. How many other words in the English language rhyme with the word purple? (1 point) None
  6. Which continent has the fewest flowering plants? (1 point) Antarctica
  7. 7-for-7: Name seven Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. (up to 7 points) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express, Cats, Sunset Boulevard, Love Never Dies, Stephen Ward, Aspects of Love, Evita
  8. What does USB stand for? (1 point) Universal Serial Bus
  9. Who was the first author to become a billionaire (without having a second career)? (1 point) JK Rowling
  10. Sunglasses offer protection from what type of rays? (1 point) UV (UVA and UVB)
  11. What state is Billy Joel originally from? (1 point) New York State
  12. Which male tennis players hold the record for number of Wimbledon titles? (2 point + bonus point for number of titles) Roger Federer and Pete Sampras (7 titles each)
  13. What was the first name of post-impressionist French painter Cezanne? (1 point) Paul
  14. How many teams play in the NFL? (1 point) 32
  15. Sugar for making homemade jams (US: Jelly) contains an increased amount of what? (1 point) Pectin

Total number of points up for grabs = 23

Difficulty level = Moderate

I'll upload another new General Knowledge quiz next Wednesday - check back on Friday for Who In The World Am I- Part Three!

The VE 🙂

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