Quiz: Fun General Knowledge 6

Welcome to Wednesday and all the excitement with which it comes! Not least of which... is your weekly Wednesday Quiz!

Check back every Wednesday for another General Knowledge Quiz, specially written for vacation audiences, with a perfect mixture of topics and fun.

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  1. What was Ronald Reagan's wife called? (1 point) Nancy
  2. Which children's toy gets its name from the Danish meaning 'play well' ? (1 point) LEGO (leg godt)
  3. In which European country would you find Santiago de Compestela? (1 point) Spain
  4. Gala and Honeycrisp are types of what? (1 point) Apple
  5. In the periodic table, which element is listed as Hg? (1 point) Mercury
  6. What is the French for Germany and the USA? (2 point) Allemagne (Germany), Les Etas Unis (USA)
  7. 7-for-7: Name seven types of cutlery. (up to 7 points) Knife, Fork, Spoon, Tea Spoon, Tea Fork, Soup Spoon, Butter Knife, Fish Knife, Steak Knife
  8. Which company ending with the letter F is famous for its teddy bears? (1 point) Steiff
  9. Which luxury brand has a rounded star with 6 points as its logo? (1 point) Mont Blanc
  10. There are rumours of an upcoming Princess Diaries 3, who starred as the Princess in the first two films of this series? (1 point) Anne Hathaway
  11. What nationality was Albert Einstein at birth? (1 point) German
  12. Which artist painted the Hay Wain in 1821? (1 point) John Constable
  13. Which fictional character is based at 221b Baker Street, and what is the name of the author who created the character? (2 points) Sherlock Holmes (Character), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Author)
  14. Which world-famous university city is situated on the River Cam? (1 point) Cambridge
  15. How many terrestrial planets exist in our Solar System? (1 point) Four - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars (Terrestrial Planets are primarily made of silicate rock or metals)

Total number of points up for grabs = 23

Difficulty level = Moderate

I'll upload another new General Knowledge quiz next Wednesday - next post will be on Friday!

The VE 🙂

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