Quiz: Fun General Knowledge 9

I hope you've enjoyed the first week of April, scoffing on left-over Easter eggs all week!

As always, the Wednesday Quiz is a 15-question general knowledge quiz - enjoy.

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  1. Where would you find the nucleus of an atom? (1 point) In the centre
  2. Which Portuguese island begins with the letter M? (1 point) Madeira
  3. Canine refers to dogs, what word refers to cats? (1 point) Feline
  4. How many neices and nephews does Donald Duck have? (1 point) Three
  5. Mindfulness meditations are based on the teachings of Psychology and which faith? (1 point) Buddhism
  6. Who wrote The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? (1 point) Robert Louis Stevenson
  7. 7-for-7: Name seven types of bird. (up to 7 points) Stork, Hawk, Owl, Dove, Finch, Crane, Goose, Duck, Swift, Fowl
  8. Which of these pencils has a softer lead, B or HB? (1 point) B
  9. What was the name the media used to refer to Michael Jackson's youngest child? (1 point) Blanket
  10. You can use a lemon as a battery by adding which two metals? (2 points) Copper and Zinc
  11. Which Henry wrote books titled The Ambassadors, The Europeans and The American(1 point) Henry James
  12. What is the commonly used term for a family member who is the daughter of a mother's brother? (1 point) Cousin
  13. The first electric traffic light was developed in 1912 by Lester Wire, and erected in which American State? (1 point) Utah
  14. How many curves does the standard paper clip have? (1 point) Three
  15. Which Shakespeare play has a three-word title and all the words start with the same letter? (1 point) Love's Labour's Lost

Total number of points up for grabs = 22

Difficulty level = Moderate

I'll upload another new General Knowledge quiz next Wednesday - next post will be on Friday!

The VE 🙂

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