Game Show: Dance Off!


Here's a game show that includes the whole room.

Anyone who wants to take part can come on down to the dance floor at any time in the game show, and anyone who wants to have a drink and watch the fun will have a great time too!

SCROLL DOWN for song suggestions!

You won't need very much equipment either: just an MP3 player/laptop and some loudspeakers!


Of course, you can glam it up as much as you want and the more you put into the event the better and more memorable it is for your guests...

How does the game work?

As the host of the game, you will split the room into two teams.

For each of the songs that you play, the teams will be in a dance off to win the points.


You can specify ways to win points with each dance. Here are some ways you can mix up the points system and keep the game open and fair:

  • Number of people on the Dance Floor (for each team)
  • Most original dance
  • Best choreography
  • Number of men on the Dance Floor
  • Number of ladies on the Dance Floor
  • Number of children on the Dance Floor

Play each song for as long as you want - some songs get better the longer you play them and more people will join you on the Dance Floor and other songs work best as a quick challenge before moving on to the next song...
Ways to glam up the game show...

If you make it a special event your guests will treat it like a special event and have a great time! Here are some ways to add a little extra magic to the game show:

  • Dress up in a Disco Outfit, complete with flairs and afro!
  • If you have a Disco Glitter Ball, get it out and use it!
  • Smoke/Haze machines can make even a very simple lighting set-up look more exciting...
  • Have a 'DJ' play the music and make a big deal of them.

  • Pick strong teams that your guests will associate with and want to join in with (Men v Women, Over 40s v Under 40s etc.)
  • Got a projection screen? Put up disco images/videos to set the scene.
  • Think about the music that you are playing 15 minutes before the event starts - that should be setting the scene for your event, and therefore should be similar in style and mood.
  • Lots of children? Get a couple of your team members to dress up as mascots - one for each team, for the children to dance with.
  • If you've got a lot of fantastic costumes, remember to pose for photos after the game show!

Tried and Tested Songs...
Of course, you can use any song you like for this game show, but the best songs are the ones which a relatively easy to dance to, or have a specific dance routine. Also think about who your audience are - lots of Spanish speakers? Play more Spanish music!

  • Electric Slide - great for an American crowd: well-known simple line dance. (See here for the steps!)
  • Mambo No. 5 - works well with families: music tells you what move to do.
  • Cha Cha Slide - works well with families: music tells you what move to do.
  • Cupid Shuffle - very easy to follow, music tells you what to do in the chorus. (See here for the steps!)
  • The Twist - Fantastic for all ages: easy and fun to do, great for a twist off!
  • Baby Got Back - I like big butts and I cannot lie... This can have funny dance off results!
  • Macarena - no one knows the words, but we can all do the dance!

  • Hockey Cokey - fun for families! Everybody can join in with this one.
  • New York New York - a Golden Oldie: easy to sway along to, and brings lots of people onto the floor.
  • Gangam Style - great for young groups: this is a well known routine.
  • Footloose - there's a good line dance for this
  • Single Ladies - one for the men!
  • Greased Lightening - everybody wants to be in Grease!
  • Hand Jive - It's fast and fun!
  • Cotton Eye Joe - A bit of country-pop...
  • Danza Kuduro - well-known in Latin America
  • Ai Se Eu Te Pego - well-known in Latin America
  • Africa - a more recent song, works well for this game show!

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