Puzzles: Printout Puzzle Packs – Part One

I made these puzzle packs to leave out in the library of a Cruise Ship I worked on.

Rather than just leaving a crossword, these Puzzle Packs provide a range of different activities to entertain your guests in between events, or whenever suits them.

Printout activities are very popular with guests as they can be brought home, taken to the pool, or brought back to their room.

I shall upload the Puzzle Packs in groups of three, so keep checking back for three more in each Puzzle Pack post.

Puzzle Packs

Puzzle Pack 1

Puzzle Pack 2

Puzzle Pack 3

Puzzle Pack Answers

Puzzle Pack Back 1

Puzzle Pack Back 2

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Puzzle Pack Back 3

Enjoy - more Puzzle Packs will be uploaded soon (there will be a total of 14, so enough for a two week rotation).

The VE 🙂

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