Quiz: Fun General Knowledge 10

After something of a hiatus, I have returned with more quizzes and holiday activity resources for you ahead of this year's Christmas/Winter Season.

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  1. What is the only natural satellite orbiting Earth? The Moon
  2. Where on the body would one wear a helmet? Head
  3. Which Canadian Pop Star became famous with the song 'Baby'? Justin Bieber
  4. Orzo, penne and tagliatelle are types of what? Pasta
  5. In what year was the Union between Scotland and England created? 1707
  6. Which British Clipper Ship was built in 1869? Cutty Sark
  7. Which food item has a yolk? Egg
  8. Brexit is the name given to the departure of the UK from what? European Union
  9. What letter is next to L on a computer keyboard? K
  10. In text-talk, what does brb mean? Be right back
  11. In what unit is sound measured? Decibels
  12. Einstein's Law of Equivalence is represented by what famous equation? E=MC^2
  13. Darjeeling tea originates from which country? India
  14. The Japanese art of paper folding is better known as what? Origami
  15. Which British monarch succeeded Queen Victoria? Edward VII

Total number of points up for grabs = 15

Difficulty level = Moderate


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