Quiz: Fun General Knowledge 11

Here are 15 more general knowledge questions for you to try out on your guests, friends and family. So far 165 general knowledge questions have been added to the site, in addition to special themed quizzes.

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Referring to technology, what does PC stand for? Personal Computer
Who composed the score for the musical Cats? Andrew Lloyd Webber
Who created the character Miss Marple? Agatha Christie
Which European country is famous for its tulips? Holland/Netherlands
Which calendar features the Year of the Dog? Chinese
Cherry, plum, and beef are all types of what? Tomato
Just do it is the tagline of which sports brand? Nike
From what liquid is ice made? Water
What is the Latin name for an evergreen tree? Sempervirens
On which item of furniture is it typical to sleep? Bed
From what natural resource does timber come? Trees
Members of which religion pray in a Synagogue? Judaism
With which item of cutlery would one eat soup? Soup Spoon
What is the capital city of Japan? Tokyo
Which country was the first to achieve supersonic flight? Soviet Union

Total number of points up for grabs = 15

Difficulty level = Easy-Moderate


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