Quiz: Fun General Knowledge 12

Fun General Knowledge Quiz

Here are 15 more general knowledge questions for you to try out on your guests, friends and family. So far 180 general knowledge questions have been added to the site, in addition to special themed quizzes.

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what famous equation?"}">Einstein's Law of Equivalence is represented by what famous equation? E=MC^2
Darjeeling tea originates from which country? India
The Japanese art of paper folding is better known as what? Origami
Which British monarch succeeded Queen Victoria? Edward VII
 Canard is the French word for which animal? Duck
Which is the oldest University in Britain? University of Oxford
Fountain, ball-point and biro are types of what? Pen
In banking what does the acronym PIN stand for? Personal Identification Number
What is the second language on the photo page of a British passport? French
Which Shakespearean play is known as the Scottish Play? Macbeth
What line other than the Bakerloo goes between Baker Street and Waterloo? Jubilee
What river runs through Newcastle? Tyne
In what year did the World Wide Web begin? 1993
Edinburgh Zoo is famous for having two of which endangered species? Panda
What is the southernmost point in the UK? Lizards Point

Difficulty level = Moderate

Total number of points up for grabs = 15


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