Quiz: Fun General Knowledge 2

It's time for another General Knowledge Quiz for you!

Enjoy this new collection of quiz questions, aimed at an 'average' vacation audience - not too easy, not too hard - the focus is very much on having a laugh.

You could use this quiz as a hosted event, or print it out with the answers removed for guests to tackle in their own time.

  1. What type of calculator offers the option to use sin, cos or tan? (1 point) Scientific Calculator
  2. What was the first plant to flower in space? (1 point) Zinna - reported in January 2016
  3. In which city will you find Hershey's Chocolate World and factory? (1 point) Hershey, Pennsylvania (PA)
  4. Of what is acrophobia a fear? (1 point) Heights
  5. What was the highest value company (net worth) at the close of 2015? (1 point) Apple (Net worth = $741.8bn)
  6. In early February 2016, miners in Angola discovered a 404-carat Virtually Flawless (VF) diamond, it's huge, but not the largest in the world. Who owns the world's largest white diamond? (1 point + Bonus Point for Name of Diamond) The British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II (First Star of Africa (Cullinan Diamond), in Sovereign's Sceptre)
  7. 7-for-7: Name the seven dwarfs. (7 points) Dopey, Sneezey, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Doc, Sleepy
  8. What is Europe's most mountainous country? (1 point) Switzerland
  9. What is the name for a male adult pig? (1 point) Boar
  10. Kiki Dee's biggest 1970s hit was a duet with with other singer? (1 point + Bonus Point for name of song) Elton John (Don't Go Breaking My Heart)
  11. What is the capital city of Barbados? (1 point) Bridgetown
  12. Which Disney film is 'Give a Little Whistle' from? (1 point) Pinocchio
  13. Which Zodiak sign is represented by a fish-tailed ram? (1 point) Capricorn
  14. Which dessert is named after a famous ballerina? (1 point) Pavlova
  15. How many pieces does each backgammon player use? (1 point) Fifteen

Total number of points up for grabs = 23

Difficulty level = Moderate (average scores should be fairly high)

Keep coming back for more engaging guest activities, including next week's Wednesday Quiz!

The VE 🙂

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