Who In The World Am I? – Part Four

After four weeks, we've arrived at the final installment of our Who In The World Am I? mini-series!

Who In The World Am I? quizzes are a fun alternative to the standard question and answer quiz format. In these quizzes the host gives a series of clues and contestants/teams have to try and guess the correct answer using as few clues as possible.

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For the five new celebrities below, the first clue will be the hardest/most obscure, the middle clue will be more widely known, and the third clue should make it fairly obvious!



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'My middle name is Wilhelm.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'In the early 1990s I had roles in the soap opera Santa Barbara and sitcom Growing Pains.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'My big break came with James Cameron's epic movie Titanic.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I was born in Beijing in 1957.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I was arrested in 2011 and held for 81 days without any official charges.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I am an artist and political activist.'


Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I am famous for being famous.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'My friendship with Paris Hilton first got me into the limelight, followed by leaked sex tapes and a high profile celeb marriage.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I'm well-known online for my belfies... that is, a bottom selfie.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I became an Italian citizen in 2005, though I am originally from Canada.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I'm an extremely popular big-band and jazz singer.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I've won 4 Grammy awards, including Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for Call Me Irresponsible in 2008.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'In December 1941, I addressed a joint meeting of Congress, even though I am not American.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I'm known for my two-finger V gesture.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I was often photographed smoking a cigar.'

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