Who In The World Am I? – Part One

Who In The World Am I? quizzes are a fun alternative to your standard question/answer quiz format.

Instead of asking a question, you give the teams clues. How many clues they need before they work out who you are determines how many points they win.

Some people hand out answer packs and tell teams to run their answer in to the front as soon as they know it - the host then needs to keep a score sheet in order to keep on top of all of the teams' scores. Traditional quizzers may prefer this method.

Another way of running this quiz is to get teams to shout out their guesses as you go and award points to the teams that correctly shout out first. This way, the teams are responsible for keeping track of their scores. This method is more lively, and may engage your audience as a complete group - building a community feel.

In this four-part series, I shall provide clues for a selection of celebrities and public figures in each post. The first clue will be the hardest/most obscure, the middle clue will be more widely known, and the third clue should make it fairly obvious!

If there are any people you would like clues written for, please add their name in the comments!



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I was shot at work on June 3, 1968, by the radical feminist writer Valerie Solanas. I had to wear a surgical corset as a result of the attack.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'The first book I published was called 25 Cats Name [sic] Sam and One Blue Pussy - my later work would feature soup and celebrities.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I am credited as being a founder of the Pop Art movement.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'In January 2004 I got married in Las Vegas. The marriage was annulled 55 hours later, because I lacked understanding of my actions.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I achieved stardom in the teen pop revival of the 1990s. and have won a Grammy and six MTV awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'In 2007, I shaved my hair and in 2008 was placed in involuntary psychiatric hold.'


Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'My early career was in American politics, though I later retrained - studying Psychology at the London School of Economics.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I am alleged of having affairs with various men in positions of authority - including my former High School Drama Teacher, and a Commander in Chief.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'My actions led to a President being impeached, for only the second time in American history.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I am a sportsman, with a curse named after me.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'My Major League Baseball career spanned 22 seasons, from 1914 to 1935.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I earned the nicknames The Bambino and The Sultan of Swat.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I sold my production company, So Television, to ITV for around £17 million.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I am originally from Ireland, but most of my career has been in the UK and USA.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I am cheeky, and innuendo-laden - known for my outlandish fashion choices.'

Check back for Part Two of this Who In The World Am I? series, coming soon! If you'd like clues for anyone in particular, or have another idea, please drop me a note in the comments.

The VE 🙂

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