Who in the World Am I? – Part Three

It's time for Part 3 of our Who In The World Am I? series!

Who In The World Am I? quizzes are a fun alternative to the standard question and answer quiz format. In these quizzes the host gives a series of clues and contestants/teams have to try and guess the correct answer using as few clues as possible.

If you missed Part One, you can check it out here.

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For the five new celebrities below, the first clue will be the hardest/most obscure, the middle clue will be more widely known, and the third clue should make it fairly obvious!

This week's theme is fictional characters - this should mix things up a bit!



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I tend to wear red shorts and no top.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I starred in the 1928 short film Steamboat Willie.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'According to Walt, it all started with me.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'My full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, but that's not how I'm known.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I have an on-off romantic relationship with Ken Carson.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I have been accused of giving young girls unrealistic ideas of body image.'


Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I am the eldest of three children, and the only boy.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I have a very distinctive hairstyle, always with nine spikes.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I'm known for saying 'Eat my shorts'.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I solve mysteries with four friends.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'Typically I'm a bit of a scaredycat.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I'm a Great Dane.'



Hard Clue (10 Points) - 'I have a range of chewable vitamins for children named after me.'

Medium Clue (5 Points) - 'I'm known as twinkle toes at the bowling alley.'

Easy Clue (2 Points) - 'I live in Bedrock.'

Check back for the final part of this Who In The World Am I? series, coming next Friday!

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The VE 🙂

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