Word Game: Tri-Bond Trivia

The crux of this activity is remarkably simple. You, as the host, read out three words and the teams have to think of one word to tie all three together.

For example, if you were to say: White, Plain and Milk...

The answer would be.... Chocolate.

Here are twenty Tri-Bond questions for you to try:

  1. Lily, Bachelor, Shoulder (Answer: Pad)
  2. Butter, Brittle, Oil (Answer: Peanut)
  3. Palm, Christmas, Apple (Answer: Tree)
  4. School, Skate, Hard (Answer: Board)
  5. Idol, Elliot, Jean (Answer: Billy)
  6. South, Barber, Telephone (Answer: Pole)
  7. Shin, Soup, Funny (Answer: Bone)
  8. Freudian, Half, Sales (Answer: Slip)
  9. Phone, Note, Cook (Answer: Book)
  10. Baby, Goose, Speed (Answer: Bump)
  11. Coffee, Class, Check (Answer: Mate)
  12. Search, Fire, Auto (Answer: Engine)
  13. First, Legal, Hearing (Answer: Aid)
  14. Lime, Spot, Flash (Answer: Light)
  15. Ant, Billy, Capitol (Answer: Hill)
  16. Water, Oil, HG (Answer: Wells)
  17. Passenger, Carrier, Homing (Answer: Pidgeon)
  18. Wedding, Sleigh, Door (Answer: Bell)
  19. Guide, Eared, Hot (Answer: Dog)
  20. Glenn, Henry, Harrison (Answer: Ford)

Got a good tri-bond to add? Share in the comments!

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The VE 🙂

    • If you send them to us using the contact form we can help you out with some answers if you’d like! I don’t know of any websites that have a computerised answer for tri-bonds – that would be pretty impressive… No doubt computers are able to work these things out by now! Thanks for commenting!

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