Would you host drunk? Drunk Karaoke Fail!

I must admit that I find drunk entertainers more cringe-worthy than entertaining, but perhaps, you'd think, this might be different at a karaoke night - an event fuelled by flavour-enhanced C2H5OH (the chemical symbol for alcohol - good quiz question!).

This is unfortunately not always the case:

Hosting this particular karaoke night was Marla. She is in her late-20s, Latin American, and had been pre-drinking for a staff party that was happening later that night... After the 7th singer at karaoke, she (and most other people in the venue) wished she'd waited...

The 7th singer was a man - in his mid-30s.

Marla asked him the usual questions - what's your name (James), where are you from (New Jersey), what song are you going to sing for us tonight (All Out of Love by Air Supply)?

After answering her questions, the James told the room that he was dedicating the song to his wife, who was watching on from 'somewhere up there'.

The venue had a balcony - I wish it hadn't, because Marla picked up her microphone again and asked, 'Where? Where?', followed by, 'Give us a wave, wherever you are!'

The poor man, waiting to sing, tried to explain: 'No, she's not in the balcony. I just know she's somewhere up there watching.'

I assume Marla didn't know the song...

She certainly hadn't pieced 2 and 2 together...

He'd tried to help.

She didn't catch the life ring and, before (finally) pressing play on the song, commented, 'Well, she'd better have come out to support you!'

I still wonder whether this was simply a language issue, or whether the alcohol was talking?!

Have you ever had (or witnessed) a moment like this? How did it end?

The VE 🙂


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