Poolside: Does your pool have the right vibe?

Who doesn't want to chill out by the pool when they're on vacation?

That said, getting the atmosphere right around the pool can be tricky - you don't want to disturb people too much as they sunbathe and chill out, but equally - if you want them to go home and tell all of their friends about how great a time they've had - you'll want to make sure there's enough going on poolside to make it memorable.

Play Some Summer Tunes

Whatever time of year, if you've got an outdoor pool and people are swimming in it then it is as good as summer. People seek the sun at all times of the year, so give them the music that they associate with long care-free summer days, or perhaps some Caribbean vibes.

Music is all about setting the scene. If your guests are young then think big summer anthems... A bit older? How about the summery tunes from the 70s or 80s... Want to help people escape their day-to-day reality and embrace your destination resort mind-set? Put on some local background music to help transport them, mentally, to this new environment.

Even better - if you have the resources, play it live!

A live band, or even just a soloist, can add heaps of atmosphere to a poolside - and may even help push a few drinks sales too.

Think about it - set up a live Jazz quartet at about 3:30 in the afternoon and let them play through into the sunset. Watch as your guests extend their time by the pool by that extra little bit - get one bonus cocktail to watch the sun fade to the Jazz beats - oozing coolness - and then going to get ready for dinner.

Guests spend less time in their room - allowing you more time to get them into their vacation stride, and help meet your revenue targets at the same time. Give more, get more!

Want people to dance? Tell them!

If you've got some live music planned and you want your guests to dance then don't be shy to tell them.

Stand up and introduce your band - host the moment and tell people that you'd love to see them dancing to the music if they want to. People are often looking for permission and an excuse to let their hair down, and as a vacation entertainer, you're in a perfect position to give them that.

Keeping it low key...

Can a member of your entertainment team play the guitar?

If yes, hopefully they're one of the more sociable members of the team - always out and about chatting with your guests, giving them really personal, genuine attention.

Someone like this can instantly infuse atmosphere and a community spirit into a pool-deck (or even your hotel lounge) by bringing along their guitar, unannounced, and starting to strum away at a few really popular crowd pleasers.

If you pick the right songs, people will come together and you can get a few people singing together in the sun in a really chilled out way.

Something like this isn't to get the whole pool singing along - that would be corny, and turns into a production - it's just to bring a few people together to help them feel that something different and special has happened for them today.

Light it right...

This is, more than likely, something that is either partially or fully out of your control - but you can always make helpful suggestions.

Lighting can make a pool area jump out and become magical.

And it's not even that expensive to do...

Check out LED Strip Tape as one of the cheapest options to add coloured lighting to your pool zone. Make sure you buy a waterproof version so that it will safely operate in all weathers, in addition to the water of the swimming pool.

How you use the tape will obviously depend on your specific poolside arrangement, but think about fixing the tape to the underside of surfaces - the tape will not be seen but the coloured glow will add pizazz to your pool area.

I've also seen LED Strip Tape wrapped around the base of trees - though this is a more garish effect than the mood lighting outlined above!

If you have a band-stand area, make sure that area in particular is well-lit, as that can extend your entertainment into the evening and keep people poolside for longer.

I'd love to see pictures of your pool decks - how have you decorated them, what events do you enjoy hosting poolside? Get in touch!

The VE 🙂

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